About Megan

Megan Nigro, MA, CMT, SEP

Integrative Relational Somatic Therapy

Trauma Resolution - Nervous System Regulation

Megan is a relational somatic therapist who comes from a bodywork lineage. Her approach is a blend of her experience and knowledge of bodies, nervous system function, somatic psychology, and attachment theory.  Her exploratory background in the healing arts, mindfulness, and wellness practices such as yoga & Ayurveda, Buddhist Psychology, chakra sciences, Shiatsu, and traditional bodywork methods inform her intuitions.

Megan holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, a MA in Social Justice and Community Organizing from Prescott College, and a MA in Buddhist Counseling from Hong Kong University.  

Therapeutically, Megan is informed most by Dr. Peter Levine's trauma resolution model of Somatic Experiencing®, Kathy Kain's Somatic [Touch] Practice, and Dr. Stephen Terrell's Somatic Attachment and Developmental Trauma Healing. These approaches support her growing ability to be with, recognize, and attend to the organic processes unfolding within each of us.

Her individual work remains tethered to our social context.  Grounded in healing justice that draws from her ongoing commitment to anti-racism work and regenerative earth healing, she works to support clients' growing capacity to make change within themselves and the world through experiential, educational, and therapeutic exploration. 

She is a senior assistant within the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and an approved Advanced Session and Consultation provider.

Healing is a personal, courageous, and liberating endeavor that matters deeply to our world.  

Your healing work with Megan can vary depending on your needs and aspirations. She offers ongoing somatic therapy sessions aimed at nervous system regulation to reduce and potentially resolve manifest symptoms of stress physiology that are a result of overwhelm/ trauma/developmental trauma. She also works with deepening self-exploration, discovery and integration, and short term issue-focused support.  

Your somatic healing may play a central role in your process, or it may serve as a compliment to work with which you're already engaged medically, psychotherapeutically, or spiritually. 

Megan is available for interactive presentations and experiential groups developing somatic awareness of nervous system regulation and educating on its various influences on our overall health, wellness, and well being.

A note from Megan

I am an able-bodied, white, cis-gendered woman. I grew up on the extraordinary unceded Tlinget lands of rural southeast Alaska and am currenlty living on the transitional lands of Hong Kong.  

Healing our trauma empowers us. It does this by reuniting us with the immense biological power that enabled our survival. As we come back into a relationship with our sensate selves, we gain access to our whole being. It is from here that we live truly, that we interact and engage fully with our world. It is from this whole self that we can take sustainable action for change in our communities and build a healthy society. 

I am committed to social justice, and consider healing work's true purpose to bring people into relationship with themsleves in a way that enables their needed unique action and relationship with their community and our world. We are part of a collective experience that we are shaping every single day. Attending to our health and wellbeing through a nervous system regulation approach allows us access to the vitality of our biological nature.

I'm deeply honored and grateful to support someone in their courageous and radical act of healing. I do not shy away from supporting client's unique exploration of how patriarchy, white supremacy, and globalized neo-liberal captialism have impacted each of us.  Self-exploration, growth, and development is not for the faint-hearted but for the inspired warriors of our time. Daily, I am both moved and humbled by the brave hearts and spirit of the  people with whom I work. And I am continually awed by the extraordinary resilience of the innate healing capacity deeply seeded within each and every one of us.