Megan Nigro, CMT, SEP
Integrative Somatic Body Therapy
Nervous System Trauma Resolution 

Megan's approach is a blend of her knowledge and experience in Somatic Experiencing®, bodywork, somatic psychology, Organic Intelligence®, Somatic Touch & Attachment fused with a background of exploratory healing and mindfulness practices such as yoga & ayurveda, chakra sciences, meditation in the Mahayana tradition, Shiatsu, traditional Western bodywork, and world travel. 

Therapeutically, she is informed most by Dr. Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing®, Kathy Kain's Somatic [Touch] Practice, Dr. Stephen Terrell's Somatic Attachment and Developmental Trauma, and Steve Hoskinson’s Organic Intelligence®. These approaches support her growing ability to be with, recognize, and attend to the organic processes unfolding within each of us.

She currently travels regularly to assist Kathy Kain and Joshua Sylvae in the Somatic Experiencing® professional training program, and Steve Terrell in Touch Training for Trauma Therapists.
Your healing work with Megan can vary depending on your needs and aspirations. She offers ongoing somatic therapy sessions aimed at nervous system regulation to reduce and potentially resolve symptoms of stress physiology resulting from overwhelming stresses/ trauma/developmental trauma, deepening self exploration/ discovery and integration, or short term issue-focused support.  
Your somatic healing may play a central role in your process, or it may serve as a compliment to work in which you're already engaged medically, psycho-therapeutically, or spiritually

Megan is available for talks/presentations, and to lead interactive and experiential groups developing somatic awareness of nervous system regulation and educating on its various influences on overall health, wellness and well being.

Healing is a personal, courageous, and liberating endeavor that matters deeply to our world.  

Healing our trauma empowers us. It does this by re-uniting us with the biological powers that enabled our survival.  As we come back into relationship with our sensate selves, we gain access to our whole being. It is from here that we live truly, that we act and engage fully with our world. From this whole self, a healthy mind-body-being, a healthy world is created. 

I am deeply honored and grateful to support someone in their courageous and radical process of healing, self-exploration, growth, and development. I am so often humbled in bearing witness to the extraordinary blossoming of the organic healing capacity deeply seeded within each and every one of us.